Cheater Buster Free Alternative: Top 5 Picks for 2023

Are you anxious about your partner’s infidelity? Are you curious to find out whether they are swiping left or right on dating apps like Tinder? You might have come across Cheater Buster, a service that can track a cheater using their Tinder profile. However, what if there’s no room in your wallet for Cheater Buster? Are there any free alternatives that do the same job?
Here, we go on a journey to discover the top five free equivalents to Cheater Buster to help you uncover whether your partner is flirting on dating apps. These tools allow you to search for profiles using phone numbers, email addresses, usernames or even photographs. They are also useful for confirming the identity of someone you’ve met online or to check if your partner is faithful.

The Functionality of Cheater Buster
Cheater Buster is an online platform and mobile application that tracks someone’s profile on Tinder, a trendy dating app. You initialize a search on Cheater Buster by inputting the name, age, and location of the person you are interested in and the platform will display whether they have a Tinder account, their last log-in, and their location when they used it. For a more precise search, you can upload a photo of the person and utilize the face recognition technology feature.
Cheater Buster boasts of a 99% precision rate and guarantees a quick and dependable system that regularly updates its Tinder information. Some people employ Cheater Buster to validate whether their partners are unfaithful or to discover if someone they know is on Tinder. However, it’s important to tread carefully and respectfully when using such applications, as they could invade someone’s privacy or damage your relationship.

Cheater Buster’s Pricing Structure
Cheater Buster is not a cost-free service, requiring a subscription fee payment. A single search costs $17.99 (excluding tax). A package of two to three searches is priced at $29.99 and $34.99, respectively (excluding tax). The platform also offers a face recognition feature, which improves search result accuracy. For the most recent pricing, please visit Cheater Buster’s official website, as prices may fluctuate over time.

Cheater Buster’s Alternatives
Though there are free tools to check whether your partner is on dating apps, they may not be as reputable or insightful as Cheater Buster. Keep in mind that these alternatives may not deliver the same level of precision and information. Here are a few you can consider:

Tool How it Works
Social Catfish This group search tool can locate profiles on dating apps like Tinder using a phone number or photograph. It can also verify the identity of someone met online and check for any red flags.
Spokeo This user-friendly tracking tool provides the owner of a phone number’s full name, current addresses, social media profiles, criminal records, and property details. It can find out if someone has a username or email on Tinder or other dating apps.
BeenVerified This comprehensive tool helps you find out the truth about someone’s online activities. It provides their name, location, contact information, social media accounts, criminal history, and more. It helps unearth Tinder profiles by phone number or email address.
Truth Finder This tool offers a wealth of information such as a person’s name, location, contact information, social media accounts, criminal history, and more. You can search for someone through their phone number, name, or email address. You can also check if someone has a profile on a dating app using their email. Although Truth Finder isn’t free, it does offer a $1 trial.
Reverse Phone Lookup Through phone number, this tool allows you to find the name, address, and other information about the phone owner. You can check if they have a profile on Tinder or other dating apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Cheater Buster?

    Cheater Buster is a service that scrutinizes whether your partner is using Tinder, a dating app, by searching their name, age, location, and photograph.

  • Is Cheater Buster Legal and Ethical?

    While Cheater Buster is a legal service, it might infringe upon someone’s privacy or harm your relationship if misused. Exercise caution and respect when using tools such as this, making sure to use them only for legitimate purposes.

  • How Can I Use Cheater Buster to Catch a Cheater?

    You can start by visiting the Cheater Buster website. Input the name, age, and location of the person you want to track, and optionally upload their photograph. The website will display whether they have a Tinder profile, their last access time, and their location.

The bottom line is, if you suspect your significant other is using Tinder or other dating apps discreetly, finding out the truth becomes a necessity. However, not everyone can afford to pay for a service like Cheater Buster. Fortunately, plenty of free alternatives can help you track the profiles your partner might be using. Utilizing various inputs like phone numbers, email addresses, usernames, or images, these tools can help you in uncovering the truth – whether to confront your partner, save your relationship, or gracefully move one step closer to closure.

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