Best 10 AI Tools for Meetings You Need to Try in 2023

Meetings are a critical component in any business setting – from brainstorming new ideas to identifying solutions for challenges, making decisions or tracking progress, meetings are at the core of business functioning. However, the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings can be compromised due to inadequate planning, overruns, and lack of clear action plans. It’s not uncommon to find yourself struggling with note-taking, losing track of discussions or finding it hard to remember critical points discussed.

If you are looking to turn your meetings into more engaging, productive and collaborative sessions, AI tools for meetings are your best bet. In this article, we explore what AI tools for meetings are, their importance, and an overview of the top 10 meeting tools you should consider for 2023.

**What are AI tools for meetings**

AI tools for meetings are specialized software applications that adopt various AI capabilities to assist you in handling multiple aspects of your meetings. They encompass AI – a field of computer science aimed at creating machines and systems capable of undertaking tasks that generally require human intelligence, such as data learning, making decisions, understanding language, and recognizing images.

Task automation is a primary attribute of these tools, streamlining activities like recording, transcribing, summarizing, analyzing and scheduling of meetings. This significantly improves efficiency, collaboration, communication, and accuracy. A key advantage of AI-driven tools is the enhancement of meetings by ensuring that they remain relevant to set goals and are interactive enough for all attendees.

Several AI tools in the market can help improve your meetings, from recording, transcribing, analyzing, to summarizing them. Herein we delve into the top ten best AI tools for meetings.

**1. ClickUp**


[ClickUp]( is an AI-driven project management program that streamlines planning, tracking, and management of any project within your team. It offers a free plan with unlimited tasks, users, and several other features, or you can opt to upgrade to the Unlimited, Business, or Enterprise plans to access advanced features and personalization options.

##### Features

* Real-time chat for team communication.
* Documentation capability for collaborative exercises.
* Task creation and assignment module.
* Goal-setting and tracking functionality.
* Time-tracking tool for meetings and projects.
* Customizable rules and actions for automating workflows.

**2. Airgram**


[Airgram]( is a GPT-4 powered software application designed to automatically record, transcribe, summarize, and share your online meetings. It’s perfect for client meetings, coaching calls, customer feedback sessions, and other types of online conversations. Airgram supports several languages and integrates with your preferred tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Webex, Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, and more.

##### Features

* High-quality audio and video recording of meetings.
* Automated meeting transcription with exportable text.
* Smart meeting summaries with key insights and action items.
* Sharing option for disseminating meeting insights with team or clients.

**3. Otter**


[Otter]( is a versatile AI software application that offers functionalities similar to Airgram by automatically recording, transcribing, summarizing, and sharing your online meetings. With its ease of use, reliability, and affordability, Otter can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your meetings.

##### Features

* OtterPilot function for automated live summaries and meeting insights.
* Otter Chat for real-time participant interaction.
* Otter Workspaces as a centralized interface for managing team’s conversations, security, billing, and reporting.
* AI features for enhancing transcription accuracy, keyword extraction, and content generation.

**4. Fathom**


[Fathom]( is a free AI meeting assistant that records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes your video calls whether you are using Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.

##### Features

* High-quality audio and video recording of meetings.
* Instant highlight and share for critical meeting moments.
* Summaries, tasks and calls synchronization with various platforms like Notion, Google Docs, Asana, Todoist, and Gmail.
* Option to share clips of significant meeting moments.



[]( is another AI tool that assist you in recording, transcribing, and analyzing your online meetings. It can quickly integrate with any video conferencing platform, giving you instant access to your meeting highlights and recordings.

##### Features

* High-quality audio and video recording of meetings.
* Transcription of meetings into searchable and editable text.
* Summaries of meetings with key insights and action items powered by AI.
* Analytical capabilities for tracking and measuring meeting performance.

**6. Sembly**


[Sembly]( is a versatile SaaS platform that uses AI to enhance your meetings. It offers high-accuracy transcription, Speaker recognition, and voice commands.

##### Features

* High-accuracy transcription of meetings with speaker identification.
* Generation of intelligent meeting notes such as summaries, discussed topics, and tasks.
* Insightful analyses of your meetings.
* Compatible with 42 languages, assuring GDPR compliance and SOC 2 certification.

**7. Avoma**


[Avoma](, serves as your AI Meeting Assistant, offering capabilities that ease scheduling, assist in preparation, and facilitate learning and improvement among other tasks.

##### Features

* AI-driven transcription and summarization of meetings.
* Aid in the preparation for meetings.
* Interactive functionality during meetings.
* Capability to share meeting insights with team and stakeholders.

**8. Supernormal**


[Supernormal]( leverages AI to convert your meetings into actionable results. It offers automated noting and action tracking capabilities.

##### Features

* AI-powered transcription and summarization of meetings.
* Interactive functionality during meetings.
* Capability to share summaries, notes, and tasks with team members.
* Instant insight generation and sharing capability.

**9. Rewatch**


[Rewatch]( is a collaborative video workspace that helps teams capture, organize and share their video knowledge. With its diverse capabilities, Rewatch can transform your team’s video workflow.

##### Features

* Provision for automatic recording, transcription, and noting of meetings.
* Video highlights and sharing capabilities.
* Collaboration and feedback provision for videos.
* Facilitation of video messaging and updates for effective communication.

**10. Jamie AI**


[Jamie AI]( serves as your personal meeting assistant, offering automated transcription, meeting summary and action tracking tools among other capabilities.

##### Features

* AI-driven transcription and summarization of meetings.
* Support for over 15 languages.
* Search and retrieval of information from meeting notes using natural language capabilities.
* Customizable templates and keywords for meeting notes and summaries.

**Frequently Asked Questions**

1. **Do you Need AI Tools for Meetings?**
– Yes, AI tools play a key role in making meetings more productive, engaging and collaborative. They automate several tasks like notetaking, recording, summarizing and transcribing among others, that can help in improving the overall efficiency and productivity during the meeting.
2. **How to Choose the Best AI Tools for Meetings?**
– The best AI tool for meetings should be capable of delivering

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