5 Best Deepfake Detector Tools Online 2023

In today’s digital age, fake news isn’t new to anyone’s ears. Its prevalence has increased in recent years, particularly due to the rise in social media and digital technology. The use of deepfake, a form of artificial synthetic media, is alarmingly on the rise. This technology can manipulate an individual’s voice or appearance, making them seem to be saying or doing something they never did or said. In this discussion, we elaborate on what deepfakes are, their potential danger, and how you can protect yourself using some of the most efficient deepfake detector tools available. Deepfakes can be utilized to distribute inaccurate information, manipulate the public’s perspective, ruin reputations, and even incite violence.

Understanding Deepfakes And Their Potential Threat
Deepfakes are artificial synthetic media that make use of artificial intelligence (AI) to change an individual’s or object’s appearance or voice artificially. They can create life-like images or footage of people speaking or behaving in ways they never did in reality. Deepfakes pose a significant threat as they can be used for the following harmful purposes:

  • Disseminating false or misleading content like hoaxes, propaganda, or fake news. Deepfakes can damage credible sources’ credibility and erode the public’s trust in authorities and institutions.
  • Violating individuals’ privacy or dignity, including celebrities, politicians, or everyday individuals. Deepfakes can create defaming or pornographic content, causing victims mental health issues or severe damage to their reputation.
  • Escaping security or authentication systems banking on biometric data like voice, face, iris, or fingerprint recognition. Deepfakes can mimic or spoof a person or object’s biometric characteristics, fooling the systems verifying or granting access to confidential information or resources.

Recognizing And Guarding Against Deepfakes
Despite the incessant advancement and improvement in deepfake technology, there exist means of identifying deepfakes and avoiding being deceived by them. Here are some tips and methods you can utilize:

  • Exercise skepticism and criticality towards the media’s source and context. Verify the media’s origin, author, purpose, and date with trustworthy and multiple sources.
  • Pay attention during media consumption. Look out for abnormal facial expressions, pixelation, audio-visual inconsistencies, or problems with the light. For any discrepancies, make comparisons with materials of a similar category.
  • Stay up-to-date with the deepfake technology’s latest trends and progress. Keep yourself informed about the current capabilities and state of deepfake technology and the common tools and methods used in its creation and detection.

Deepfake detector tools are software applications designed to help users identify and avert deceptive images and videos created by artificial intelligence. This write-up introduces five of the most efficient deepfake detector tools you can use to verify media authenticity, determine media manipulation, and avoid media deception.

Tool Description
Microsoft Video Authenticator

This tool analyses videos and images to detect manipulation with deepfake technology. It employs a machine-learning model trained using a vast dataset of face-swapped videos. It offers a confidence score representing the probability of media alterations and points out the media areas with modifications. Microsoft Video Authenticator is currently available to organizations involved in the democratic process, like political campaigns, news outlets, and non-governmental institutions.


Sentinel is a firm that offers a top AI-based protection platform to assist democratic governments, defense agencies, and enterprises in stopping deepfakes’ threat. Their platform has been utilized by various institutions and organizations to defend themselves against deepfake attacks.

Intel’s Real-Time Deepfake Detector

Intel's Real-Time Deepfake Detector
The semiconductor industry’s leader, Intel, has announced a new technology capable of detecting deepfakes or fake videos in real time. Known as FakeCatcher, it uses a unique approach to identifying authenticity signs in videos. FakeCatcher examines subtle face color variations caused by blood flow, which the human eye cannot capture but algorithms can. A deep learning model is also available for comparison with these signals to tell whether a video is real or manipulated with a 96% accuracy rate.


WeVerify is a project aimed at developing techniques and tools for debunking and verifying online content, especially in misinformation and disinformation circumstances. WeVerify offers Deepfake Detector, one of its tools. This tool can analyze videos and images and guesstimate the likelihood of deepfake manipulated faces being present.


The Deepfake-o-Meter is a web-based utility that lets users upload a video or a video’s URL and analyze it for deepfake manipulation signs. This tool utilizes diverse deep learning methods to detect features like lip sync, eye movements, and facial expressions to determine whether a video is real or fake.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Deepfake Detector Tools?
These are platforms or software designed for fabricated or manipulated media detection and mitigation, especially deepfake videos and images.

How do These Tools Work?
They employ numerous techniques like facial recognition, machine learning, and image analysis to identify anomalies and inconsistencies in media, which might suggest the presence of deepfakes.

Is Deepfake Detector Free to Use?
Yes. Deepfake Detector is freely accessible by individuals. However, for organizations and businesses requiring more advanced features, paid plans are available.

Are there any Free Tools Available to Detect Deepfakes?
Several free tools available to detect deepfakes include Deepware Scanner, DeepfakeProof, and DeepDetector.

How Accurate are Deepfake Detector Online Free Tools?
The accuracy of deepfake detection tools differs from one tool to another and the deepfake’s quality. Generally, as AI technology continues to develop, deepfake detection tools are becoming increasingly accurate.

The issue of deepfake media is serious and growing, capable of damaging reputations, exploiting identities, undermining trust and credibility, and spreading misinformation. Therefore, to protect yourself from deepfake media, using some of the best available deepfake detector tools is important. These tools can help you verify media authenticity, expose media manipulation, and guard against media deception. You can also contribute to the fight against deepfake media by using these tools.

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