10 Best AI Spreadsheet Tools for Faster and Easier Data Work

Spreadsheets are a powerful tool for data management, analysis, and visualization. They offer an intuitive method for storing, organizing, and presenting data. However, when it comes to large and complex datasets, some limitations exist. That’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) spreadsheets come in. These AI-enhanced spreadsheet tools can handle larger data volumes and more complex tasks, making data work faster and easier. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 best AI Spreadsheet tools to help improve your workflow.

How to Choose the Best AI Spreadsheet Tool

Before we delve into the features and benefits of these ten AI Spreadsheet tools, let’s talk about how to choose the right one for you. Selecting an AI Spreadsheet tool depends on:

  • Compatibility: The tool should work in tandem with your preferred application such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Some tools come as add-ons, while others function as standalone applications that can import and export your data.
  • Functionality: Choose a tool that caters to your data-tasking needs.
  • Usability: The user-friendliness of a tool is crucial. A complicated setup and steep learning curve can affect efficiency negatively.
  • Cost: Pick a tool that falls within your budget range and offers good value for money. Make sure to compare the features, benefits, and limitations of different tools before finalizing your choice.

Our Top 10 Picks for AI Spreadsheet Tools

The following list provides in-depth information about the top 10 AI Spreadsheet tools that can enhance your data handling and analysis.

1. SheetAI

SheetAI is a robust AI spreadsheet tool that automates and optimizes your spreadsheet tasks. It employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to understand your data and generate formulas, functions, and charts.

Key Features of SheetAI
  • Understands natural language commands to generate formulas, functions, and charts.
  • Automates data analysis and reporting tasks.
  • Schedules data tasks for automatic execution and share results via email or Slack.
  • Predicts outcomes using historic data and ML-powered models.
  • Creates interactive data visualizations with auto-updating charts and dashboards.
  • Share visualizations easily on websites or with your team and clients.

2. Parsio


Parsio is an AI-powered spreadsheet tool that extracts and parses data from various sources and formats. It uses NLP and ML to convert your data into structured and usable formats.

Key Features of Parsio
  • Extracts and parses data from PDFs, images, emails, web pages, and more.
  • Performs automatic data extraction from uploaded files or pasted URLs.
  • Transforms and cleans data using natural language rules and criteria.
  • Enriches and validates data with external sources and APIs.
  • Exports and syncs data with spreadsheets in various formats.

3. Formulas HQ

Formulas HQ

Formulas HQ is an AI tool that improves your spreadsheet workflows by generating and applying formulas and functions in Microsoft Excel.

Key Features of Formulas HQ
  • Generates formulas and functions based on your natural language queries.
  • Provides a platform for learning and mastering Excel formulas with quizzes and challenges.
  • Automates Excel tasks using workflows, macros, and debugging features.
  • Enhances formula execution and accuracy.

4. GPT For Sheets and Docs

GPT For Sheets and Docs

GPT For Sheets and Docs is another AI spreadsheet tool that helps you write and edit text in Google Docs and Sheets.

Key Features of GPT For Sheets and Docs
  • Generates and edits text from natural language queries.
  • Writes and edits different types of text in various languages, styles, and formats.
  • Checks and improves text quality, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and readability.
  • Exports text in various formats and syncs with tools like Google Drive, Gmail, and more.

5. QuadraticHQ


QuadraticHQ is an AI tool that helps you explore data on infinite canvas realtime polygons with code.

Key Features of QuadraticHQ
  • Generates data and code for data-creation from natural language input.
  • Creates and explores data using various code languages and data sources/formats.
  • Shares data with collaborators on a canvas.
  • Improves data science and coding skills with quizzes and challenges.

6. Arcwise


Arcwise is an AI spreadsheet tool for creating and sharing interactive data visualizations and analysis.

Key Features of Arcwise
  • Generates data visualizations and analytics from natural language input.
  • Creates charts, graphs, tables in multiple languages and styles.
  • Allows easy customization and optimization of visuals using natural language commands.
  • Exports visuals in different formats such as PNG, PDF, etc.

7. Parallel GPT

Parallel GPT

Parallel GPT is an AI spreadsheet tool that offers bulk processing of ChatGPT tasks in a spreadsheet UI.

Key Features of Parallel GPT
  • Bulk processes ChatGPT tasks in a spreadsheet interface.
  • Handles various types of ChatGPT tasks in different languages, styles, and formats.
  • Customizes and optimizes ChatGPT tasks and responses using natural language rules.
  • Exports tasks and responses in CSV, TXT, and other formats with tools like Google Drive and Gmail.

8. Coefficient


Coefficient is an AI spreadsheet tool that helps you connect and sync your spreadsheets with any data source.

Key Features of Coefficient
  • Connects and syncs spreadsheets with diverse data sources through natural language input.
  • Integrates spreadsheets with data sources like SQL, REST and platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, etc.
  • Customizes data connections and syncs using natural language criteria.
  • Exports and shares connections in formats like CSV, JSON, and collaborates with your team and clients through links.

9. Excelformulabot


Excelformulabot is an AI spreadsheet tool that generates Excel formulas from natural language.

Key Features of Excelformulabot
  • Generates Excel formulas from natural language input.
  • Creates various types of Excel formulas for different data, including arithmetic, logical and more.
  • Enhances learning and practice of Excel formulas with exploration, quizzes, and challenges.
  • Exports Excel formulas in TXT or other formats with tools like Google Sheets, Dropbox and Zapier.

10. Simple ML for Sheets

Simple ML for Sheets

Simple ML for Sheets is an AI tool that applies machine learning to your Google Sheets data.

Key Features of Simple ML for Sheets
  • Applies machine learning to Google Sheets data using natural language.
  • Applies various machine learning types and algorithms such as regression, classification, and k-means.
  • Customizes and optimizes machine learning models and predictions with natural language criteria.
  • Exports and shares models and predictions in various formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these AI Spreadsheet Tools Cost?

The cost of AI Spreadsheet tools can vary based on the specific tool and the plan you choose. Free plans are provided with limitations, while paid ones

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